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I prefer blurple

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I do

I have 2 new ts 1000 and i will see what they do.

I have full spectrums with fans

I have one bloomspect 1200 next to a full spectrum bloomspect 900

Now the 1200 halfway crapped out on me

I dont get the blue as it wont come on

A few diodes of different color do light up

But mostly all flower diodes

I have also noted blurple especially with IR

Does best for me in veg.

These are just my observations but the plants under only flower diodes do the best

The others are kick ass to but these are just my observations.

They are gathered from.watching identical clones flower side by side in same.medium

Same.nutes water etc

But Thats just me

I seen the science lol

We seen how always following the science

Unquestionably works out


One other note

For some odd reason the red bluple will bleach

At same distance as full spectum

Meaning that they can be at even distance from light and yet the red will bleach and full spectrum will not

Not a biggie just back off a bit

Again just my observations

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