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Sacred Plant Warrior

Coco leaves have me stumped

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Ok, so medium is coco coir with grostones mixed in and grostones at the bottom of the 32 oz cups. 

all was going great and then wham. Yet the wham wasn’t shared by plants in identical conditions. 
I plant in large cup sucks and right next to her the other is fine wtf. Both treated the same way and both are clones from BLG no. 1

the purple cup that was doing fine just started getting wacky as fuck. Only thing I added was some epsom salt to the CNS-17 mix. They all were raised on 5-20-10 greenlight starter/root stimulator without issue. 
PH of water approx 6 with no real fluctuations after checking it with nutes. 
I thought I was golden and actually should be with those numbers. 
lights were the same 9w led bulbs used to veg before with no issues aside from a lower light output. I didn’t want them to take off so the low light method was allowing that while keeping the plants healthy and green. 

here are two sets of pictures of the leaves close up and then plant pictures from today 

I’m the 1st set of close ups I’ve never seen the veins have those skinny protrusions before. Has anyone noticed this on your plants ?















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My 2 cents is too much water and a ph issue.

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Ok so pictures from today after watering. Now, imho i know I’m not keeping them as wet/moist as they should be imho. Yet, without more light it does seem I should. 
please speak on this if you have coco experience!

light is on ship light and 1 9w led currently 237C8DF2-7636-461F-884F-AC4ACB633877.thumb.jpeg.9c30e3993e37a7732094ddd1ec193c13.jpeg


















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Just now, BeachBud said:

My 2 cents is too much water and a ph issue.

How can it bee too much water in coco watered until run off ? That’s supposed to be standard .  I looked at the sock plants guide before posting to check for ph issues/lock out too. 

Only thing o can do is check ph again with what I just used. 
 Yet, all was well and didn’t change so a ph swing doesn’t seem the culprit. Especially since twin clones has one affected and the other isn’t. Talk about a head scratcher. 

Dare I say in  soil/biobizz all the overwatering looking and ph issues were mites that mimic deficiency 


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Hey SPW,  IMHO, that is not a coir issue.

I just read the EPA sheet for that root stimulator is 5/20/10 it is a starter solution, and it is made for outdoor use, so it very potent. Outdoor plants have no saucers, so it drains away, and can not build up to toxic levels, like indoor plants can/will.

It is not made as a stand alone fertilizer for indoor gardens. It's almost like the roots start eating at 5/20/10 levels and then go down to 2/2/3 feeding ratio. Or a bit like salt chemicals are very potent, when compared to, organic's with their soft touch feeding for roots. I know that is not an exact analogy, but sort of.

CNS does not need Epsom.

IMHO from seed to fruits, a balanced diet of  the  CN17 product line Grow/Bloom/Liquid Karma/CalMag/ silica blast,  a total nutrient circle of excellent quality products will serve you much better, than bouncing between indoor and outdoor products. No PH to mess with, no over or under feedings. 

Just my $.02  


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That one plant is so odd, almost looks like a houseplant crossed with a pot plant with those odd leaves. I have not seen that on leaves before, those white spikes like on the back. I have no advice, never grew in that.

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