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Air layering, Revisited the ALP.

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I found air layering many years ago, when I first found Mother Earth News, from Rodale, sometime in the late 70's or 80's. Ever since then one failure after another, left me hating on it, or my poor attempts at it. When I found my cannabis hobby and realized how bad I needed to make clone's, as I had no room for MOM's.

Things went well, for a couple of years and all of a sudden I hit a rooting wall, and could not get even well known cut's to root. Like WTF happened all of a sudden? I never did find that answer, lots of maybe's and could be's , but I still do not know!

A month or so ago, one of the gardens I help established, came to me seeking some rope, to hang himself, as he had purchased 2 separate Gro Cloners, each one the first run, rooted all but a few sites!! He goes through their suggested cleaning, sanitizing procedure, and packs it away for while, so the new green can find their spot in the perpetual cycle.

Once he set's the thing back up, he gets about half of the previous rooted cuts, enough for now....the cycle turns without waiting.

He comes to me, I full fill his needs, he relates his story, and goes out to get GC2, as all failed the next try.

I'm all but shut down, got space invaders for a few months. He comes to me, with sever hang dog, fighting back tears, tells me about the fail after fail attempts to root some damn cuts. I'm still sticking mine in 1oz cups, with a few pokies, in a compost/perlite mix, and keeping a solid 50% rooted. I give him another cycle worth. He gives me one of the GC's. I start to try to unlock this GC rootless wall.

I found ad nauseum, huge amounts of stuff posted up about the GC, it's biofilm, it's bad Clonex, it's PH, it needs Cal/Mag, it needs steam cleaned, H2O2, Phan San, Sulpheric acid is needed.....WTF? Mind Blow!! 

So, I've been running this damned contraption, recording each step, recording each cleaning/sanitizing step....and still my 1 oz plastic cups kicks the roots out as fast and more with my mix.

Then I remember air layering. I wonder, what is new in that world. Descriptions of the photos:

The air layering pod or ALP, then my mix of vermiculite/compost/a bit of Sunshine Mix #4/some perlite/a few drops of Super Thrive and a few drops of Rapid Rooter, watered to field mix. The test branch that will be removed this winter as it's a nuisance branch now. I used the pod size to see how much bark gets stripped off. Then simple closed the pod and snapped it shut. I then zip tied it shut, as I felt that a strong storm may blow it off. Then the 2 pods I installed and now we wait.

I think it will be a month or more (if at all) the rooting starts. I'll add some water once in a while, or make a IV drip line LOL!

Next will be a cannabis plant, and I'm seeking out a smaller ALP for that.

Have a great day everyone!


Air Layering folder 001.JPG

Air Layering folder 003.JPG

Air Layering folder 006.JPG

Air Layering folder 007.JPG

Air Layering folder 008.JPG

Air Layering folder 010.JPG

Air Layering folder 012.JPG

Air Layering folder 019.JPG

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It has been since July 3 I started to use air layer pods.

The pics are pretty self explanatory, as one branch is losing leaf, the other seems normal. I do not think a rooting process as taken hold, where the leaf is falling....but maybe.

I water the pods, once a week, once a tea of Recharge, once a bit of Hormex added to the water. 

I think my next pod try, I'm going to cut a view window into each side, then glue a clear bit of plastic over over the cut out area, and then simply black tape across the window. Then a few weeks into my next attempt, I can pull the tape, and get to see internally to what's UP, with the rooting process.

I got so much on my plate currently, I did not yet start ALing what is left of my cannabis plants yet.


7 27 2021 028 air layering pod.JPG

7 27 2021 029 air layering pod.JPG

7 27 2021 030 air layering pod.JPG

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Since I'm not sure when to open these and check for roots, I decided since it's a bit later on in the year, more in a flowering time if you will, I decided to give another pair a go, on the other side of the cherry tree. 8/5/2021 marking this as I did not snap any pics. Maybe these will root faster due to shorter day length. 


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 I've never seen those little ball things before, I grafted a couple of rose bushes one time, using the tape, splice cuts, and all that. Had two beautiful topiary types, like lollipops, a strong wind came and broke both.

I used to clone in aeroponics, I even got a 32" branch to root, took 18 days, a few years back, think I even sought help here, nothing would root. SPW suggested go back to soil, and by golly all took. I use a simple rooting dip and seem to have really good luck with it.

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Well my first 2 attempts were/are a failures. Upon opening them yesterday, the medium was saturated with moisture, mind blow! So, it seems I need to go get some sphagnum peat moss, some good cloning powder for trees, and I think I got enough summer left to try again.

So watering them with vermiculite, = FAIL. Oh well, onward!

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Ok we back, with  some different medium. I got some sphagnum peat moss, some perlite, and some Spanish moss.

So I made with  equal amounts of each, some superthrive and some KLR, moistened to a field dress, and then skinned some bark off, and snapped the pod around it.

My 2nd attempts, I've not opened yet, I feel like there are fails also. But I'm just going to do a Beatles cover and, Let It Be.

I've got 2 pods left for a cannabis try also.

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