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2ndgeneration grower

Sannie seed Grow 2021

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From a maintenance standpoint.  It is my suggestion that you have replacement parts for as many of your components as you can afford and/or have room for.  Quick troubleshooting and counter measuring can be vital to your success.  If you aren’t a maintenance man/woman or engineer.   I would suggest learning as much about your components as possible to aid in your troubleshooting.  You can drop the ball at any time, anyone who says they have never dropped the ball, has never had the ball on their hands.  It’s a process.  

Hoping not the drop the ball, looking forward to seeing SFF in all its glory.

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Day 75 overall.

Day 22 of flower.

Pictures taken during maintenance window of  time for a better picture without the intensity of the HPS.

SFF center front is now the tallest in the room.

DSR bud forming. 

Nice and lovely green in the room with buds forming everywhere.




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Day 82 overall.

Day 29 of flower.

1.  SFF is very sativa in the leaf structure.

2.  SFF cola forming.

3.  DSR cola forming.

4.  From under the double scrog.

5.  From above the double scrog.







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Some local stuff off the black market.  I was able to get one seed out of it so far.  Quarter way through the OZ.  This is a very good indica.  Puts my ass to sleep and I’m a heavy smoker.  NOT for the casual smoker.  I will grow this, hopefully I get a female.


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Day 89 overall.

Day 36 of flower.

pictures taken during maintenance time before lights came on to give a better image for this journal.

1.  DSR cola starting to get nasty.

2.  DSR cola.

3.  SFF cola on the best of the three plants.  Looks to be 2-3 weeks behind the first DSR harvest.  We will see.




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Day 98 overall.

Day 45 of flower.

Photos taken during maintenance period for this journal’s sake.

1.  SFF getting some sugar.  Can’t wait to see this sugar itself all the way out and see this stickiness that I’m reading about.

2.  DSR on the downhill side of the first harvest.  Looking nice.

3.  Unga Bunga.  DSR.

4.  From above the scrogs.  Partial shot.





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Day 106 overall.

Day 53 of flower.

1.  DSR 

2.  DSR in the back.

3.  DSR not far from first harvest.  They are focusing energy into swelling the buds.  They look super oily.  Leaves starting to turn in color as the focus gets to finishing and looking for pollination.  You can see the rare purple pheno.  It has never disappointed for its beauty and potency.  Expect the purple to make its showing in the buds at the very end.

4.  Weight of the DSR making the top scrog work.

5.  SFF stignas are turning orangish brown.  They look like they are going to be lighter than the DSR on weight, but are showing a lot of crystals coming on.  I see the top bud wanting to foxtail in a couple different spots on the cola. Out the side and the top.






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Day 113 overall.

Day 60 of flower.

1.  Purple DSR.  If you look closely at the top you will see a massive foxtail that came out right in the center of the cola bud.  It’s most noticeable from the change in girth as you look from top to bottom.  I really enjoy watching foxtails develop.

2.  DSR

3.  SFF.  May be tough to see, but this strain foxtails a lot.  Very cool to watch develop.  Looking like it’s gonna be a fine smoke.  Leaves changing colors as it works towards a finish.

4.  SFF in front and DSR behind.

5.  Shot from between the scrog nets.  Buds looking very greasy and getting full between the nets.

6.  Weight of the DSR drooping over.

7.  Fox tailing DSR with flash on.

8.  Multiple small fox tails on the SFF with flash.

9.  Same shot without flash.  Nice colors here.

10.  Same as picture 7 without the flash.











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Day 115 overall.

Day 62 of flower.

It won’t be today.  But soon, very soon, I will begin picking the fruits as they become ripe.  They look super sugary and super oily.  Enjoy the shots below.  

1.  DSR

2.  The purple pheno is so damn oily looking.  Exxon Valdez.  She stands out above the crowd in beauty.  It’s a rare sight, but I always enjoy when I see her in all her beauty, right before first cut. 

3.  Side bud from the purple pheno at top scrog level.

4.  Very oily underneath between the nets as well.  They are waiting for their time to be the star attraction.

5.  Shot below the top net from above.

6.  Another shot between the nets.

7.  Here is the SFF.  She is looking super sugary. Very foxtailish.  Weight won’t be as high as DSR but I think the smoke will be outstanding.

8.  Shot of DSR fox tailing.









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The light intensity difference is apparent in this next picture.  Notice where the cut is.  That next bud on that side limb will go into super finish mode and get super oily and hard.  I never touch buds until they are cured though, always keeping a piece of the stalk intact for holding on to, for trimming, etc. , so the hardness of the bud and the complete unadulterated stickiness won’t be verified until it’s time to smoke.  Keep that stickiness where it should be, on the buds. 
  Depth is difficult to tell, but that next bud on the sidearm is above the top scrog as well.  The way of the old school, overlooked in today’s world with legalization and staying on timing schedules, to maximize profit.  But this method of taking individual buds when ready will produce some of the finest connoisseur weed for the true lover.  But as always, to each their own, whatever works in your context.


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Day 119 overall.

Day 66 of flower.

Day 4 of harvest.

The DSR harvest on day 1 was one bud.  I like the way it is holding so much weight as it dries out.  These are going to be very heavy and maintain a lot of weight.  :verrygood


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The first harvest of SFF is looking to be in the 72 day range.  We will see.  Picture number 5.

Also defoliated fan leaves that were ready for it after these pictures were taken during the maintenance period.








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Day 121.

Day 68 of flower.

Day 6 of harvest.

Three more DSR buds are ready.  So far all from the same plant.  You can see in the bottom picture.  SFF is coming on quickly.  









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The first bud had the stalk ready to snap.  Smoke is very heavy on the eyes and body.  Three hits and you are very very changed.  Taste is sweet on the tip of my tongue on the exhale.  I always drag the joint before I light it and taste it on the tip of my tongue.  That is where I have the best taste receptors I guess. Taste is more savory on the back of my tongue.  Proper drag and you can hold it in and absorb the prize.  Too much of a hit, I suggest  Keeping the Chloreseptic handy.  I prefer the former, enjoy the prize.  All fucking day!!!  Smells like someone lit a Peppermint Patty before it is even lit.  Odd smell.  Very addictive smell.  Very addictive taste.  @gardenartus There ya go.


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