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So,, going over old threads as usual. this small post was worth sharing imho since so many noobs can use this info.

hell, i'm still guilty of not knowing enough basic plant knowledge and processes not going to lie. Yet, I try to make what i do as simple as possible and as cost effective as my budget can handle. 

Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben

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Oh and for all you noobs out there,
Quit worrying so much, relax and enjoy the experience of watching your plants grow.
Stop overthinking, overanalyzing, over-testing of meters and bullshit, and enjoy the ride!

How do you suppose we ever grew before the internet?

Where in the fuck was I going to get Fox Farm nutes back in the 80's?

Wake up and smell the ganga, it's been growing around you for years!
Great points. The internet and forums like this have set back gardening decades. The focus is not on sound gardening principles anymore but on trends, gimmicks, parroting, misguided paradigms and such. They just have to make such an easy thing as complicated and confusing as they can. Grower's fault though. Many folks are too lazy to empower themselves by learning solid, accepted conventional gardening techniques so they become slaves to the hype and product lines.

Before the internet I learned the basics of flipping cycles to get flowering responses, about genetics, etc. from Mel Frank's book which is still one of the most solid, classics available not only on cannabis, but plants in general. If you want to make hash oil and do other stuff, then buy Jorge's bible.

The delivery of nutritional salts and water is immaterial - water culture, organic soil culture or soil-less...... it's all good as long as you understand plant nutrition and what makes a plant tick.

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I have learned more from doing than any book or the internet could ever teach me. I came up with my own way of infusing, making oil, etc. Some folks are literally lazy. Growing holy Moses some folks go overboard than others don't even know what a damn male looks like lol LAZY

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