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Cheeseberry Haze - Eskobar

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I bought a pack of Cheeseberry Haze by Esko in 2016 from sannies expecting to start growing at the time but due to housing problems didn't get to start gardening until last year. I started with other strains but got to these this summer and here's my experience with them so far.

I only had 5 seeds left from the 10 pack due to an aborted grow a while back but ended up with 3 females. One plant ended up in a 5 gallon pot and the other two were flowered in 1 gallons.

My setup is a mix of black earth/perlite/peat/ewc and i feed megacrop throughout the grow with Bud Explosion in flower. Lights are a mix of 200-300w quantum boards. It's somewhat of a lazy way to grow but it fits my needs and i've had results to my liking. 

I'll start off by saying these have turned out different than what i expected based on other people's grow logs. I've only harvested one plant a few days ago so i haven't got to try anything yet but i will put up a smoke report in due time.

All 3 plants grew very similar, long-flowering and big airy colas. I took the first 1 gallon plant at 13 1/2 weeks. Barely any smells to this one all throughout flowering. A light woody/floral smell when pressed but hardly noticeable otherwise. 

Second plant in 1gallon is still flowering and is nearing 15 weeks in flower. Smells throughout the grow have been lemony incense, very pleasant smell that reminded me of Bangi Haze from Ace while in flower. Bud structure is pretty airy, like small clusters amidst a high leaf/bud ratio. It's basically one long lemoney doink. Never expected this to go this long in flower though. I'll be pulling it at 16 weeks regardless of other white pistils or clear trichomes. 

Third plant in 5gallon is very similar to #2, beautiful lemony smell, but was topped a few times and trained so has many long columnar style tops. It's 11 weeks in flower and is nowhere near the end, i'm guessing it will run as long as #2. 

This isn't a grow for the impatient as these have shown very slow evolution throughout the grow, alongside plants who have shown gerat vigour. Obviously my way of growing isnt one fits all and perhaps this variety is more finicky than others. I fed on the low side with the 1 gals and heavier with the 5gal and results seem pretty similar. I'm looking forward to the smoke tests and seeing what they're about.

Pics are kind of mixed up, my apologies. First is a side by side of the one at 15 weeks and the one at 11 weeks and then other shots of the plants





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On 8/25/2021 at 11:54 PM, BooBeats said:

I've only harvested one plant a few days ago so i haven't got to try anything yet but i will put up a smoke report in due time.

Wow nice pics man! I will be looking forward to hear how you like her.

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