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Sannies Silverfields fem. Octopots

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Well time to start another grow.  Going to give octopots another go.   I will be running 3 pots with 3 feminized silverfields.  I was thinking of trying a all perlite sleeve in one of the octopots.  Not sure if that would work or not. I was thinking like a hybrid hempy bucket but wondering if it would dry out superfast being in the cloth bag.   Any input would be great.   Going to be using the urban farms vegetable fert for veg and then switch to garden of eden for flower.  

Order a new light, electric sunshine 180, it's on sale through September if you were looking at getting one.    Was going to go with the 300 for my 2x4 tent but they are backlogged.  

No pics yet, seeds are soaking and need to clean the tent.

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So I must have pissed off the growing gods.  Could not get any of my silverfields seeds to germinate.  

Moved onto ouzbekistan from USC.  4 of 6 germinated but only 1 of the 4 that germinated have shown any growth since planting.   Had to physically crack the seeds open because the shells were so thick the seedlings werent able to escape.  

So then tried 4 Black Afghani from usc.  Got 1 of those 4 to germinate.  Have a couple more trying to germinate currently. 

Idk what's going on , 2 out of 15 seeds with a viable seedling.. I have never had issues germinating seeds before. 

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