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Southeast Asian cure method

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So, just tried the southeast Asian cure method. I’ll test in 3 weeks.  if I like it I will do it more often. No burping jars etc etc. for personal puff I don’t care it’s all compressed with no bag appeal. 

so, no. 4 baby gurl was the leftover nugs from her. She was being quick dried more than others. 
not sure yet which no the other two are but might figure it out later. I put them in the fridge in another small snack box. 

so, as far as the cure is concerning the remaining fridge dried buds; I’ve been thinking because of lower temps in the fridge the time in the jars needs to be extended because of that imho. So, that is the method I’m switching too. The remaining jars are all on the same time schedule so I’ll see. 

  If anyone has tried this cute method please share your experiences and insights on the Southeast Asian cure method. 

so, 1st step I placed desired nugs on cellophane and squeezed them together to make them look solidified/1 continuos nug. 
2nd step I proceeded to wrap and squeeze as I progressed from one end to the other. 
3rd and final step I squeezed and wrapped the bound cellophane buds with tape. 
then just put in a snack box in the fridge. 









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well i found some more free cellophane i saved so rolled up two more SEC's today. placed in the jars they came from. wally world bound to do a little mkt run instead of ordering online as usual.

  have a nice day.


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On 10/3/2021 at 5:35 PM, gardenartus said:

I would be afraid of mold, interested in how this comes out.

it's supposed to be negated because of lack of oxygen. spores also need water, food, and temperature to grow. if one of those is eliminated shouldn't be any mold theoretically. so far i haven't seen what the temps are underground when they bury their stash. anybody know ?

i did a ghetto version, used the last of the trim which already was shaped cylindrical. so just rolled it tight in the coffee filter and stuffed it into a blunt/cigar holder withe the cap on the end. was a very tight fit which is exactly what i wanted.

thus cause I’m counting in the air still inside the tube to be gone in a short period of time ! 


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@gardenartus because of you and because it makes more sinse imho i put all the Southeast Asian cure attempts back in the fridge. yes, just like it will slow a regular cure down. it will slow this way down too but can always speed up with higher temps if desired.

doing that now with a couple jars in the air tight dog food bin. and a couple in a cupboard that need to be burped today = touch and smell will determine it's location change if needed. likely headed for the basement. ha

so, glad the hardness of the jarred buds is doing well and no more humidity fade !


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1st test of the smallest will be Sunday after 4 weeks in the fridge. I’m pretty sure it’s maybe 2weeks early based on fridge temps. 
will report back after a small sample to check any degradation. 

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