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the use of DMSO for topical meds etc.

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been thinking on the use of DMSO

@gardenartus ur mail was full as usual so turned this into a post so anyone could chime in.

 GOAL is to eventually use this to transport any canna  based meds more efficiently to the needed area.

i know u have to be safe/careful using it but i know it's been done plenty. kust not by average folks.

my topical had brand name and now identical generic i think = diclofenac gel 1% USES IT.


i'm going to start googling how to use it safely. topicals will be it's main use for muscle/joint/bone pain.

will look into common effective use that has already been done to gauge application/dosing norms. the gel comes with a small plastic card with a middle line. we're supposed to use it as a guide for how much to apply. after u get used to the amt, u don't really need the plastic dosing guide. yet the dosing guide is a neat/smart idea imho. something easily utilized on beneficial to the user.

i'm sure u have thought of it and maybe even experimented even. but wanted to run it by you before i forget the 20th time lol.

Does anyone here incorporate DMSO into the making of your meds or know someone who does ? please chime in case the more info the better. plus i'm slow so explain it so a caveman can understand it please. thx.


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I switched from DMSO to emu oil. :) I just sold my last balm, I have to make more. I will send you some of it, like magic in a jar, great for pain, even cuts my neuropathy pain.  It is not only cannabis but the essential oils that help with issues. I put 20 in mine.

If I recall correctly I used cannabis oil combined with DMSO, instead of an infusion.

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