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Fruit salad

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On 11/18/2021 at 2:58 PM, santero said:

wow, looks beautiful, toker, enjoy mate ;)



This pic is her cut

Very fast listed as 7 weeks

Cuts are killing it

I chopped that plant a few days later

So this cuts been flowing now for approx

27 days







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On 12/23/2021 at 11:26 AM, Sacred Plant Warrior said:

I looked that up. What’s your assessment of her growing and smoking? 
she’s beautiful to say the least. Congrats on killing it! 

She's accurate or her description is.

Very tasty

I give her AA+

If she went 9 maybe AAA

Tween us she's bad ass

but the masses  are dopy for sour D

bla bla bla

ain't good if ya world don't reek bla bla

for my shelf she's welcome

for my needs in nefarious  land

I need a AAA taster

as good or better 

speed be nice

but I have nuff laying round to to go longer but

Based on speed yield 

Taste etc.

She's AA+ imo

She is nitrogen  hungry 

From the start but no

Problems otherwise.

I get mine around 7 weeks

She's hard hitting but not overly stoney

But that's my taste

Always get em before they get full of Amber

But she will lay ya back now if ya indulge a lot.

I'm concluding this thread

She will be seen in my 

Pandemic thread with others but not much more I can add

She was freebe to.

Just chopped the clone




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