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Congratulations Germany!!!

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I don´t think so. As far as I know, it will be an experiment. More like the dispensaries in some states. You can enter at the age of 21. There will be an " evaluation programm". It´s not bad at all. Thank you, "Deutscher Hanfverband".(Biggest german cannabis lobby)

But it has nothing to do, with growing your own meds and tokes. If the evaluation, doesn´t show the "wished" results, it could be turned back in a minute. It´s one step forward.

Growing your own is and will be illegal.


Luxembourg has changed to " 5 plants per address".

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yeah, duh. that's why i said "lets hope" :) (i don't believe it either.)

they will especially persecute the ones trying to grow their own.
its not a legalisation, its a 'marketisation', like everywhere else.

(as if it would change anything for us who never needed anyones permission ;) )

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You are right and we had discussed that topic, entre nous.^_^ Only humor helps.

Adsurb,absurd german cannabis politics:

- The official group.

German companies cooperating with foreign companies to produce medical weed in germany. For pharmacies. For patients.

NO patient has the right, to grow his/her own weed, even if he/she is an official patient.

The price is very high.

It´s a good deal,  for the involved companies, for the pharmacies, for the state (taxes). But there is still a "small" problem. Ill people don´t have much money. You have to be serious ill, to get a prescription.Statutory health insurance pays for it.If you´re halfdead, because your pain is killing you since years and the other prescripted pills didn´t help.

You have to find a " marihuana friendly" physician. No big deal in a big city.....but in small villages...nearly impossible.

- Rich people. They "buy" the physician. Problem solved.

-  " dangerous homegrower". Return to santeros post.


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