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Huckleberry Kush v3

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Ran in 3 gal soil so they were a bit stressed, but overall chugged on thru.

Grown in Stonington blend and fed teas and topdresses 

had three females to look over. As with all P’s work, every pheno was a gem in its own right.

Oregon afghan leaner: no stretch to her at all. No branching besides laterals that hugged the cola. Defoliation was a must for even ripening Deep earthy smells with a faint berry background. The effect was classic chill out body with a comfortable head. My wife’s fav from the group.

50/50 : this one was perfect in structure, 1x stretch with lowers growing up to even height to main terminal bud huckleberrish frame with boxy affie buds. Fruity and sweet with just enough earth bottom. Smelled just like fruit loops cereal while growing. Effects were as balanced as the structure, great all day indica that could be a bit “detatched”. 

huckleberry dom: this was my favorite from the group. Stretched and branched like nobody’s business. Chunky colorful buds with the most exquisite berry musk that coated your mouth. More clarity than the others made this jar disappear.


10 out of 10 would grow again, in fact I have a pack on deck to run thru proper in bigger containers. 

thanks for looking y’all!

Also includes a gg4xbubba. And an Indiana bubble gum.









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