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sheriff_target_asian_trucks-page-001.jpgThe San Bernadino Sheriff’s office has gone off the deep end of reefer madness with their recent busts of mainly Asian cannabis cultivators and the highway robbery of armored vehicles carrying over $1 million of cash from cannabis dispensaries.

Aided and abetted by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, they refuse to recognize the will of the voters of California AND San Bernardino County who voted in favor of cannabis legalization when they approved Prop. 64 in 2016.

SB County Sheriff’s committed highway robbery three times when they looted Empyreal Logistics armored vehicles in November and December 2021 and January 2022 that were transporting money from cannabis dispensaries.  cop_stealing_(2).jpgThe theft totaled more than $1 million which was then transferred to the FBI so the Justice Division might pursue forfeiture using federal legislation. SB County could receive as much as 80% of the cash from the Justice Division’s “equitable sharing” program. The earnings of state-licensed marijuana suppliers usually are not liable to forfeiture under California legislation hence the reason why SB Sheriff’s turned the money over to the feds and not the state.

sheriff_with_gun_crop.JPGContinuing their malicious program to undermine California’s Prop. 64, SB Sheriff’s office undertook a series of raids from Feb. 7 to Feb. 13. Utilizing 16 search warrants for properties in Hesperia, Oro Grande, Twentynine Palms, Wonder Valley, Landers, Adelanto, Helendale, and Lucerne Valley, they arrested 17 people.

sheriff_family_arrest.JPGTotaling more than the combined racial make-up of everyone else arrested, 10 of the 17 people arrested were Asian. This lopsided number of Asians targeted by SB Sheriff’s officers’ is outrageous. Do Asians really cultivate more marijuana then white, black and Native Americans combined? sheriff_with_assalt_rifle_(2).JPGThis targeting of Asians is no coincidence. Is it anti-Asian bigotry? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.

For a chest-thumping article on the SB Co. Sheriff’s office despicable actions busting the cannabis cultivators that lists the names of the people arrested and their locations CLICK HERE. For the low-down on the armored vehicle robbery of over $1 million dollars of cannabis cash, CLICK HERE.

San Bernardino County, which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in a losing lawsuit to over turn Prop. 64 in 2017, continues to do everything it can todeny.jpg deny its citizen the benefits of Prop. 64 even though the majority of voters in SB County voted in favor of Prop. 64. Rather then allow people who have property in areas zoned for agriculture to legally cultivate cannabis, the County arrests them for doing what is allowed in next door Riverside County. Furthermore, the SB BOS turns a blind eye to the Sheriff’s office subverting the will of the people by robbing legitimate dispensaries of their cash using federal law as a runaround state law.

We will be discussing SB County’s refusal to enact Prop. 64 and the malicious and racist enforcement actions of the SB County Sheriff’s office along with taking a look at the role law enforcement continues to play in undermining cannabis legalization at the next virtual zoom MAPP meeting on Sunday, March 6 at 7:30 p.m.

diane_goldstein.jpgOur featured speaker is Diane Goldstein, a 21-year veteran of law enforcement who served as the first female lieutenant for the Redondo Beach CA police department. She is the Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, a group of criminal justice professionals that work advancing justice and public safety solutions. Goldstein is a guest columnist for many media organizations, and is recognized as an expert on criminal justice and drug policy.

I will be sending out a newsletter next Sunday with more information on this meeting including the zoom link so you can attend this most enlightening seminar along with any additional information I have received regarding both the highway robbery of the armored vehicles and the arrest of the cannabis cultivators.





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Lanny spoke at a BOS meeting, helped to get our medical laws passed, that's what we grow with now.

24 plant max.

The people trying to go legal have lost a fortune. They been paying fees and jumping through hoops for years.

Rent and other business expenses waiting for the license that never comes.

Lot of stories like that. Sounds like they should figure a better way to move their cash.

That money is gone, don't think you could pry it from the feds hands.




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