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Thrips Horror

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I would watch my plants do well 

Then I notice the bud sites turn yellow

Then burn the fuck up.

I'm was like nutes?

Flushed the shit out of them and they did rebound.


I had others in New FF dirt doing the same thing.

Not nutes

I even washed the piss out of my grow bags to make sure any salts were gone.

Shit still happened.

I lost 6 fruit salads

Their clones

Several other strains to.

All in about a week from the time I noticed.

They go to flower, the buds burn , or seem to burn up.

Then , desperate I grabbed my loup again

And spotted a tiny white lavea. 

Then I seen them everywhere.

Mother Fuckers.

I neam oiled them and i still saw movements

So I soaked them again

Then hit them with triazicide. 

Fuck, these mother Fucks are as bad as mites.

Here are 2 healthy ones as a base.

If it happens to them I post a pick.

I thought it had to be nute burns but new dirt

Clean pots stumped  me , thrips are harder to spot than mites .



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Buy  those sticky cards against insects. They won´t kill the laveas, but the adults.

I had a massive problem with fungus gnats. Their laveas eat roots. The gnats were everywhere. I had to interrupt the grow. I´ve thrown away the infected potting soil and put  the sticky cards in every lasting container. A few weeks later the problem was solved. You have to interrupt their lifecircle consequently.

Good luck, Toker.



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Dryer sheets to the rescue.

Place unscented Costco dryer sheet on the soil surface. When the Thripp larvae drop to the ground to eat rootlets through 7 instars. they get tangled in the fuzz and die. No new adults hatch. the present flyers are repelled by the surfactants in the sheets and do not lay eggs.

Same for fungud gnats. Been using sheets for 10 years now and there are no more thipps or FGs.

The tanglefoot is persistant but the repellent requires new sheets every 30 days or so.

Works on oall pests that hunt bt scent. even German cockroaches.

Throw a sheet under the sink and in the back of all cupboards.

This might be the best tip you get this year.


Aloha, Weeze

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