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How Much Does My Seedling Drink?

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Hi peeps,


just was in a mood for helping :smoke


In my time growing(not that long :verrygood )

I discovered that it was really difficult to estimate how much they drink when the are little seedlings


I didn't want to guess anymore.. :specool

so I created my own little way of "measuring" the amount of water present in the soil.


it is not super accurate, but gives a good idea what the little ones drink and when too water.


Let's begin


you need:


- Weighing scale accurate to 1gr

- notepad

- pencil

- Tagged seedlings


Step 1:

Weigh the pot and seedling when the soil is fairly dry, when it needs watering..


write the weight down for each seedling as "dry weight"


Step 2:

Water the seedling and watch the scale (1ml is 1gr)


And also write this down as "after watering"


Step 3:

After 2 days I weigh again (but if you want to get 24h measuring you get a better picture of the drinking habit) , and now i can see the amount of water left in the soil.. and thus I can adjust my wateringvolume :smoke

and i get a little idea of how fast the water is absorbed and evaporated out of the soil.



I just know this helps a lot of people through the first weeks!





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Hey guys,


The post is a bit old so maybe nobody will care but if someone wants to do this technique, I would add a detail to improve the quality of the measuring.

The idea is interesting but lacks precision in my opinion.

As a matter of fact, some water will evaporate by itself...

That's why I would do the same, but I would put another pot with same soil, same watering but no plant, and leave it in the same conditions as the one with the plant.

So I would know how much water has evaporated and how much the plant has drunk a little bit more precisely..


Just a thought...Hope you like it.



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:) A very interesting tip there thx so much for sharing it with us. :)

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