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Guest DaMiss

How To Post Your Question About Your Sick Plants

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Guest DaMiss

Okay somethings wrong with your precious plant(s). Take a moment to read how to post the information needed to get the right feedback.....


'The leaves of my plants get brown spots! Please tell me what it is!'

That won't get you the feedback you need.


Include in your post the following information as much as possible:


How long in Veg and Flower:

Seedling or clone:

Growing in compost or other medium:

pH of the water + nutrients you give:

EC of the water + nutrients you give:

Temperature lights out/lights on:

Relative humidity:

Nutrients, which and dosage:

pH of the medium (if you know how to measure):

EC of the medium (if you know how to measure):

Symptoms you see on your plants:


And anything else which may seem of any importance.


And try to keep in mind that the processes within a plant go slow. So they won't die on you within the next twentyfour hours (unless the heat gets to high or your growroom burns down). This means you have time to seek advice and decide what to do next. Inform yourself well and do not take any hasty decisions trying to solve the problem quickly. If the symptoms become visible, most of the time the problems exists longer. Solving it will take some days too, and some discolorations or spots on leaves will be there permanently. Even when you manage to nurse the plant back to health.


And when it does not work out: you've learned a great deal for the next time :verrygood


Good luck!

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Guest nicola.besana

halloooo i bought some seeds of "shining silver haze" feminized and i planted it in a big jar (60 cm diameter) i always used indigenous seeds but this time i want to try with this new seed.....i am not realy confident with this kind of seed/plant...the ph is 7...... the ground i put in the jar is a mix of cow shit (9 months old), perlite, and topsoil...45%,10%,45%..... at the begin the plant was realy yellow so i thought it need some nutrients i gave to it some 46% nitrogen ....but i was wrong and the plant become more yellow i thought it was lost..i understand that it was over feeded....i washed the soil with a lot of water....now luckily i saved it but it is still quite yellow like in the photo....and, this is the question the leafs start to make some little hole like you see in the second photos....only the "old" leafs are full of holes not the young's one......can you tell me why this holes??? what can i do???? is it possible it needs some microelements???? i am not an expert but i am trying to do my best.....sorry for my crap english and i hope you can help me.....bye bye



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